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Sportzguyz story/Bio

Working in a family business for nearly 30 years. I grew up as a goalie and never could find those cool goalie tshirts. I started to see more hockey apparel out there but nothing what I was looking for. So then I decided to leave the family business and follow my dream. With 3 kids all in sportz, one following in my footsteps as a goalie and my other son as a forward. I decided to start out with hockey as my first sport. Talking with my lawyer and figuring out trademarks etc. for my new business I came up with Sportzguyz as my company name. In the future other sportz will be added as I have several trademarks in the books at this time.

When you listen to NHL or house league coaches, they always are saying hockeyguyz, my question is does it have an S or a Z I think it should have a Z.

My kids think it sounds better but their English teacher is not a big fan.

My artist James was a friend and fellow goalie for 30+ years. His artwork and detail is hard to find. James is certified by several helmet companies to do artwork on goalie masks. So therefore James has done the first Goalieguyz mask, which my son is proud to wear as goaltender for his team.
Growing up a goalie and not seeing cool goalie shirts
3 kids, 1 is a goalie/golfer,1 is a winger and my youngest is into soccer
Athletics/ sports have been a part of mine and family life and always will be
I want to bring something different/unique/artistic/and fun to clothing
4 years and endless frustrations to get the clothes to market
I have trademarked Sportzguyz,hockeyguyz,hockeygirlz,goalieguyz and have other pending trademarks.

Future guyz and girlz clothing coming soon!

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