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Growing up as a goalie and I never could find those cool goalie t-shirts. So after 30 years in the family business I branched out and followed my dream. With 3 kids all in sportz, one following in my footsteps as a goalie and my other son as a forward and my daughter who likes all sportz. Then I had talks with my lawyer and started figuring out trademarks etc. for my new business. I came up with the name Sportzguyz as my company name. Athletics and sportz have been a part of my life since a very young age, and I have installed that sportz background in my family as well. Once Sportzguyz was formed and I finally found my artist I began my journey into the apparel business. With my goals of creating my Hockeyguyz, Goalieguyz and Hockeygirlz brand.When you listen to hockey coaches, they always are saying hockeyguyz, my question is does it have an S or a Z I think it should have a Z. My kids think it sounds better but their English teacher is not a big fan.

So now finally after almost 4 year journey Sportzguyz is now open 04-01-2015 and looking forward to a long fun run. Let the first period begin.

Mike Racich


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